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Ari’s Linen Banner Technique

Because everyone has been looking for this lately, here it is again.

How to Paint Linen Banners
• Banner frame large & expandable
• Drop Cloth(s) (cheap shower curtain liners work great!)
• Long table or sawhorses for putting frames on for painting
• Light weight linen or linen/cotton blend in WHITE
          a. all natural fibers are a must dead-dino fibers resist taking in paint
          b. 2.5 yards (90 inches) x 25 inches makes a good size
          c. Handkerchief weight
• Iron and ironing board
• Straight pins
• Rubber bands
• Non Mechanical Pencil
• Banner size roll of paper
• Paint brushes of various sizes, .25” flat for edging is a must
• Design
• Spray bottle with mist setting
• Disposable cups or reusable bowls/cups for paint mixing
• Stir sticks, skewers or a dead paint brush for mixing of paint
• Clothes dryer

• Acrylic FABRIC paints in your chosen colors.  Must say FABRIC Paint. Tulip Brand works well
• Textile medium (this is an additive to acrylic paints that allows it to adhere better to the fabric and remain flexible)
• Water

Fabric Prep:
1. Wash your fabric in HOT water
      a. No Fabric Softener.
      b. This will pre shrink the fabric and remove any sizing that could cause issues with the paint adhering.
2. Dry it HOT.
3. Once the fabric is dry Iron it flat

Stretching the Linen and Painting the “Edging”
1. Stretch the fabric on the banner frame using the straight pins and rubber bands
2. Trace your design onto the fabric using a pencil or using ink that will not bleed when wet.
      a. Include the line for the outside edge of the banner with seam allowance of .5 inch.
      b. Sharpie markers work well to ink in the design after its penciled on.
3. Outline the inside of a design on both sides of the banner using the full strength paint in the color you are wanting the item to be about .25 inch wide.

      a. This seals the area and creates a barrier to prevent bleed from color to color.
      b. If design area is less than 3 brush widths, paint with small brushes with full strength paint.
      c. Do both sides of the banner
4. Let it DRY. 

Painting the Banner
Setup: This part will be messy. You will need to make sure to have coverings over your floor or the table you will be painting upon. If using a table, having a way to elevate the corners (and possibly other places) of the frame to allow for the linen to not touch the tabletop when wet.
Rationale: What you are doing is a wet-work painting technique that should produce an even color with no brushstrokes. We are staining the fabric with the paint. Misting the fabric with water is integral to an even coverage of color, how much water will depend on how wet or dry the environment is at the time of painting. Realize that the fill in painting will not look solid. You are staining the fabric, you will see light through it and it will be flying 10 feet in the air where no one will be able to tell!

Mix Ratio: Mix the wash paint for the areas to be filled. This is thinner than full strength and is watery. It should be about the consistency of half and half. Start with this ratio:
      2 parts paint
      1 part textile medium
      2 parts water

Background Painting:
Work a single color at a time (no need to paint white since the linen is white!)
1. For Small Areas (about 3 square inches max):  Use a soft sable brush to fill in with color being careful to watch for how far the color bleeds in the fibers before getting to the paint edge of the area.

2.  For large areas (bigger than 3 square inches):
- Mist the area with water first to get it lightly damp.
- Use a LARGE soft sable brush to fill in with the paint work quickly and blend the bleed paint into the new brushstrokes to get an even coat.
- Pay attention to how far the color bleeds. It will go further on pre-dampened fabric than on dry. You want to avoid bleed into the other colors.
    a. After covering an area and the while still wet, run a large brush over the surface to make the stain coverage consistent.
    b. Do both sides. You may need to come back later for another coat.
    c. Continue with other colors and then let it air dry.
Realize that this will not look solid. You are staining the fabric

Detail Painting:
If you want you can add shading to your colors using watered down paint on dry fabric.
Line the design if needed with paint and a fine lining brush.
Let dry completely.

Finishing the Banner
Iron the banner using a pressing cloth, iron for 20 seconds each area to get it hot and set the paint. Do both sides!
Toss it into a dryer for 20 min on HOT to do a final set on the color.

Hem it, add a banner casing and enjoy!

DC Art show Still for sale

Got my returns back from the art show.
Of the 10 original pieces I sent. 3 came home to me unsold. There is already a buyer for one of them. Leaving just these 2 for sale.

Boop $90
Boop FinalWM
Matted to 12" x 10.5"
Watercolor on vellum

Oleander Mouse $90
Oleander Mouse finalWM
Matted to 11" x 14"
Watercolor on vellum

Drop me a line if you are interested and we can chat payment and shipping.


Dragon Con 2014 it happened

And was a ton of fun and just what I needed. The previous week was to put it mildly HELL.
Yeah. Crushing depression of being left single again. (crying for a week straight while trying to prep for a major event is just not fun.)
Printers effing up my first order of prints for the Art show. (got that resolved last minute with the assistance of friends I just can't thank enough)
Work got super busy. I think all my clients realized I'd be out of the office for 3 days.

Traveled to Atlanta with raventhourne. Such a good idea. Spent the first hour of the first leg of the flight asleep. I'd been awake for 24 hours at that point. See printer fuck up above.
Second leg of the flight I was awake and doing finishing touches on my Medusa wig. The adorable New York Jewish woman next to me was hilarious. The stereotype exists for a reason people and she was sitting next to me. I love her to bits. At one point Ianuk called out "snakes on a plane" and I could not stop giggling.

Got to the convention and caught up with danabren and got us into our room. Then off to pick up badges and get dinner. The Vortex has the best burgers ever.
After dinner there was some small amount of trying to stay up and do all the things. Which lasted notverylong. I actually fell asleep standing up in a scalding hot shower. I had, at that point had 1 hour of sleep in 39 hours. Went to bed and slept like the dead until the alarm went off waytooearly because I had no brain to disable it the night before.

Danabren was a coffee goddess that morning. Got a quick breakfast and off to the art show to get everything set up. In the end I sold 7 of the 10 originals I took to the show and got to add art on the spot to the charity piece that all attending artists were asked to contribute to.

The rest of the convention happened. Way too much fun to relate. But so good for me and my soul.
Oh and hey! Peectures!
Dragon con photos
I just can't begin to explain how much I love this convention. It really is where cosplayers go to have fun.


Dragon Con Art Show 2014

So I have begun adding some preview images for the Originals I am sending to the art show. Of course I need to get busy and paint more. (Isn't that always the case?)
Here ya go.

There will also be prints of the pieces for sale at the show and after. One step at a time. My coach is determined that I make this happen.

Teeny corset finished.

As promised here is a shot of the back of the Obitsu BJD sized corset.
18 eyelets, modesty panel, and cord.

The materials are silk, cotton, and plastic bones.

Obitsu BJD teeny corset

An exercise in sewing geekery. A corset for an Obitsu Ball Jointed Doll. The corset is 3 inches tall, and has 16 plastic bones.
I'll post a shot of the back once the eyelets are done.

doll corset front
doll corset quarter
doll corset side

What, is it December again already?

Turns out it is. I do not have my children for the actual holiday this year. The ex is off with them to visit family in California. I hope they stay safe and have a good time. We did our Christmas early with the grandparents on the 13th. It was small and sweet with just enough presents for everyone.
I received a new dremel that is going to make life so much easier for some of my projects. There are several that have been on hold till I was able to replace it.

My company had their annual retreat a couple weeks back and I entered the art contest. It was judged by all the employees and their guests. Out of about 12 entries I placed third, and was awarded a $50 Amazon gift card.
Neon Cactus

It is a Painting, acrylic on canvas 2.5ft x 3.5 ft, of the Tucson Neon Cactus. A 30ft tall neon sign that marks the first divided highway in Arizona. I managed to capture a photo of it at sunset here that totally inspired me. All the reviews I have received on it were quite favorable, and I am thinking of getting prints of it made. It is now hanging in the Company main offices and will have a plaque with my name and photo next to it. Sort of awesome.

Took the kids to see "Frozen" on Sunday. What a refreshing piece of fantasy. Disney did a good gob with it, and I loved the characters and music. The kids adored it, and it is on my purchase list. I do believe I will be taking myself to see the "Desolation of Smaug" this weekend. Don't bother bitching at me about it. I'm too excited to see the Dragon to care. Books are over there and well read. Movies are over there and enjoyed for their own merits. I have a week off for Christmas and hope to spend most of it with Craig and the friends. Christmas eve and morning with PI2, I'm looking forward to it.

Also to get underway are all my costume projects for Dragon Con. YAY!!!!!!
However, right now the apple cakes are out of the oven and cooling, and the smell is driving me nuts.
Once they cool I get to put them away for Mason's class tomorrow.

Friday trivia

Folks make this HUGE deal about Loki and how he is Jötnar and not Asguardian.

Conveniently forgetting, or more likely not taking the time to do a little reading of mythology, that Thor is also half Jotunn. His mother is Jord (Jörð) the earth giantess. She was considered to be a godess and was one of Odin's concubines.

Frigg is only Thor's step mom, and Loki's adopted mother.

Quite the family.

I can't express this any better than him

Except to state that any deity you choose would tell you the same things.

Every woman I know should watch this.
You are worth it.


Cheer up

Little Octo


Amazing hidden art

Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Revealed in Early 19th Century Books at the University of Iowa
Link for the Curious http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/09/fore-edge-book-paintings/

There are several other libraries that have these sort of books in their collections. Now I'll be checking my books.
Just too cool

"Fore-edge painting, which is believed to date back as early as the 1650s, is a way of hiding a painting on the edge of a book so that it can only be seen when the pages are fanned out. There are even books that have double fore-edge paintings, where a different image can be seen by flipping the book over and fanning the pages in the opposite direction."

I have a new car!

My new car
The new car is a Dodge Journey SXT 3.6L 283 HP V6, all wheel drive. I love the color, Copperhead Pearl, which is an iridescent version of the color on the Golden Gate bridge. It is a push button start, no key, cool and interesting to get used to. The power is great and the drive is very nice. I have plenty or room for me and the kids and our things and our friends and their things. The car very comfortably seats 5, with 2 fold away seats in the back that can hold 2 more. It has all sorts of Millennium Falcon sort of cubbys in the floor too. I am going to be totally spoiled by the satellite radio, music I have no complaints about. YAY! For Christmas I am asking for contributions to the addition of a tow package on the car.

This is the first car that I have bought brand new for myself with just my own money. Silly I know, but I consider it an accomplishment to be proud of. The shopping for it was stressful, I'm not all that fond of spending large sums of money or going into debt. My last car was 13 years old and over 217,000 miles on the engine. The repair bills were piling up and getting to be more than a monthly car payment so it was time to replace my old beloved 4Runner.

Many thinks to Erika for traveling with me and being the moral support/comic relief/live tweet buddy. There was a point where there was a threat of licking the Viper in the showroom. She is also responsible for the car being named "Jensen". There is a movie involved and it fits. We went to the Native New Yorker for food after and that was such a good idea. She spent a great deal of time pressing ALL the buttons. Fun!


The Story's End

While wandering through some old favorite stories I was struck by this line, so I doodled it.
story end


So my newest little obsession is collecting a set of Greek/Roman monster Lego minifigs.
I will of course have to custom build some of them. Some helpful people are helping like cats and suggesting I make a Lego Colosseum to display them in...

Here are my current Lovelies
Minotaur photo minotaur_zps7482f004.jpg

Harpy, Medusa, Cyclops photo harpymedusacyclops_zpsc51c393a.jpg

But best of all I have my Egyptian God Anubis
Anubis photo Anubis_zps140445b3.jpg


Comic Books!

We were watching Stan Lee's Super Humans this morning and the kids were all into trying to figure out the superheroes the real people on the show were like. So off we went to the comic shop. (This mom's no dummy. Excuse to get them reading more? LETS GO!)
These were their selections, that they started in on in the car home.

Linnet photo IMAG0607_zpsed5569ec.jpg
Linnet chose Adventures of the Fantastic Four and New Brighton Archaeological - Castle of Galomar.
Linnet : "Smells like clean comic shop!"

Mace photo IMAG0608_zps8e6207b8.jpg
Mace chose Penguins of Madagascar and Star Wars - Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear.

Small things

There are days you learn what side of the edges you are on.

The past week has been busy, with a side of busy, and a liberal sprinkling of WTF? Thursday the kids and I spent some quality time together. Something refreshing abut just cuddling up on the couch and watching cartoons together. Trying to remember the little moments, they are the most important.

Friday afternoon I learned that the next week would be more of the past week. Never boring. Met up with raventhourne after work for birthday dinner at the Greek place and then painting fun together at Color me Mine. We got a little ambitious and did not finish our projects. We plan to go back Wednesday to finish up. When we are done there will be lovely personal teapot and cup sets.

Saturday has been very quiet and slow. I finished putting text on a scroll and picked up materials for another project. I also re-found my ruby ring and discovered that the stone was very loose. spent a couple minutes and reset the stone. It's doing much better now. Put another couple rows on a knitting project. Then went by the 22nd st Antique mall. I like to poke around in there from time to time. This was one of the better times, came out with a lovely old Turkish rug for a steal. It is a very old pattern and hand knotted. Dad is thrilled to have it, as he's been looking for one like it for a long time.
Pretty rug


Kitten MUST HAVE the noms

Hermione thinks that tuna juice is the best EVER!!!!

Erika (translates): "Dammit, thumb monkey! Put the bowl on the floor or I will cut you!"


The Crown I didn't plan to go to...

Is of course the one my best friends win. posadnik_ivan was the victor and he and raventhourne Are the new Prince and Princess of Atenveldt. I knew he'd win the one I didn't make it to. "You're welcome."

I was on the road an hour and a half after hearing the news for a whirlwind trip to Yuma and back with ickaimp and lferion. The trip was full of so much. It began as a journey and ended as an adventure. We were on the road an hour after getting the news that Ivan had won. Icka kept up with the status updates to the friends. There were jokes about a road sign that in photos resembled an AT-AT.
There was appreciation of sunsets, Tolkein discussions, music shared, and much goodness. Got to town and rebalanced the Ianuk. Drank Celebratory Lambic and got ready for the next day.

The "non ghetto" hotel we checked into still managed to result in me having to call in a well check on the room next to ours. Round about 12:30 am the male began beating up the woman in the room. The noises were unmistakable and horrible to hear. The police came, and the written statement from Icka was useful to the cops. Funny thing how people in 3 different positions in an adjoining room can only catch certain pieces of the event.
...I hope the girl gets real help, and I hope that creature she was with burns in the deepest pits...

Sunday was bright an beautiful. I spent the day caring for Benny while the tournaments happened, and the girls took care of Ianuk and Ivan. Shortly after the new Warlord and Queen's Rapier Champions were announced we packed and hit sonic for food. We were back on the road home by 4:30pm in caravan with I & I, and with a short stop in Gila Bend for Ice cream and photos with dinos made it home by 9ish.

I lost a day of work on war projects, but it was totally worth it. Hermione and Gheeka spent the night snuggled up to me under the covers and that helped me.

Not your average food.

I love having my Grandma's old cookbooks.

Just found a recipe for Braised Squirrels.
"About 5 or 6 young, tender grey squirrels will easily feed four big eaters or six average eaters."

The rest is fairly straightforward. Might give it a try someday.

Ginger Macadamia nut Pie

3/4 cup (packed) golden brown sugar
1/2 cup black molasses
3 large eggs
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 frozen 9-inch deep-dish pie crust
3 cups roasted unsalted macadamia nuts
1/2 cup minced crystallized ginger
1 T. minced fresh ginger

Preheat oven to 350°F. Whisk sugar, molasses, eggs, fresh ginger, butter and vanilla in large bowl to blend.
toss together nuts and candied ginger in another bowl
Fill pie crust with nut mixture.
Pour sugar mixture over nuts in pie crust. Bake pie until center puffs slightly, about 35 to 40 min. (Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Let stand 2 hours at room temperature before serving.) Serve with vanilla ice cream, if desired.

Excuse me while a fangirl for a moment

Our avengers group's encounter with Felicia Day has been immortalized in comics
Avengers Ladies meet Felicia

Much happy here

Too cool

Walking robot.
Just amazing

I have a new perfume

My imps of Anubis arrived.
They smell fantastic. Trying it on to test for staying power.



New Fur-baby

Her name is Hermione, and she is a spotted tabby.

I'm not sure this means anything more exotic than "she has spots," but the suggestion has been made that she may have Bengal or Savannah cat in her lineage. Her momma was a calico. Who knows.
We just know she is cute, and roughly 3 or 4 months old. Gheeka knows she is unsure and sulky about the addition of the new kitten.

And for Dad and anyone else interested. The G4 TV photographer caught a photo of me in my Patriot fairy costume at Dragon Con. You can see it here http://www.g4tv.com/images/4876/aots-dragoncon-2012-steampunk-more-cosplay-photos/82699/


My Nyan cat made CNN!

A week or so back I submitted an I report to CNN who was asking folks for before shots and quick stories of themselves and what they were doing for Dragon*con. At the convention we were invited to show up in costume to be photographed for an After shot.

My story and photos made it! Before and after: Elaborate costumes of Dragon*Con

I'm sitting here just thrilled to bits.

Why thank you Mr. Stark

Latest dress for Dragon Con is finished.
This one is the Iron Man gown designed by Kelsey Michelle Soderstrom.
Original designMy dress

I just have an arc reactor and some sandals to finish up.
Full album is here.

Got my creativity on

Just finished the most time consuming aspect of one of my costumes for Dragon Con. The Wings!
The Patriot Fairy has been a heck of a lot of fun to work on and bring to life. Bridget Wilde drew the original character and she has long been a favorite.

Bridget's fairyMy costume

Bridget came over to the house and assisted with the final build on the wings and I'm glad she did. They are on the large side and having the extra pair of hands helped with some of the process. We are both excited with the costume and how it all looks.
Full album is Here

Quote of the day

"When faced with a problem you do not understand, do any part of it you do understand, then look at it again."
-Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

I have been re-reading this book. It was one of the 2 books given to me when I was a kid to introduce me to Science Fiction. (The other was Inherit the Stars by Hogan.) Back to this book. Heinlein, grabs you and makes you think. Not just about the world he has created within the bounds of his story, but further. I find myself taking the storyline and looking at today's world and social events through its lens. The truly good writers, their stories stand the test of time. Some can be almost prophetic.

Make your own decisions but I will say that The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is well worth adding to your library and reading. Take your time with it. Ponder.

Boy's don't dance

Mason: Boys don't dance ballet
Me: Really? (pops open youtube and a video of Baryshnikov dancing Giselle) He's a boy and he's dancing ballet.
Mason: No he's not.
Me: What's he doing then?
Mason: Flying... (examines the video some more) See... boys don't dance ballet.
Me: some day you will want a gaggle of pretty girls wanting you to dance with them.
Mason: I'll have to learn to fly...

tho in this one he really flies

Busy day

Already done today:
Slept in
loved on kids
went to Ace and got yard maintenance tools
Went to Ianuk's and picked up her finished embroidery
Read the plush Necronomicon and played with the stuffy shoggoth
Drew Ianuk's shield
Came home and made lunch
unloaded and loaded the dishwasher
Embroidery outline finished. Just detail lines left
Watched the kids play Wii
Half the yard weeded and the detritus bagged and canned.
Now for a HUGE glass of water, a shower, and more hangiing out with the kids

and your moment of zen for the day

Batman is having a play date with My Little Pony.

Feb. 28th, 2012

I respect PEOPLE, not the labels they define themselves by. You are equal to me because you are HUMAN not because of wealth, color, sexuality, politics, religion, or any other of a myriad definitions you CHOOSE to attach to yourself.

lalalalalalalalalalalalala..... move along

Made the decision it is time to live.
Talking with old friends has been revealing and cathartic.

I need me one of these quilting hoop of awesome

I really want to go here The Glass Beach. It looks just so very pretty.

I've also got a rather intense desire to go to the Ren-Fair, so there will have to be planning and schedule checking. Vacation days have requested for Estrella and Dragon Con. Time to get busy!

Quote love: "Build a man a fire and you'll keep him warm for a day. Set a man on fire and you'll keep him warm for the rest of his life."
-Terry Pratchett

I've been spending time with the people I love and healing. Life and work are both good. I've fully entered the silly season for sewing.


Oh Hi!

Work is going fast and furious. My employers, like I, subscribe to the learn to swim in the deep end of the pool theory of learning. One of my clients is needy... yes, needy... best way to describe it. The phrase "Epic size container of koolaid in dumb flavor" was coined for them. My bosses like me and I love my job. All is well in that corner of the world.

Had a fantastic time fighting in the Heroes of the Silent Angels charity tournament this weekend. It was an SCA event held to raise money to support the International Rett Syndrome Foundation, and we raised over $6000 dollars. Such an awesome thing, and a great day spent with friends. The kids got to spend a ton of time with their best friend making duct tape everything. At one point it looked "like someone had disemboweled a duct tape cat" all over the living room. I have a fine pair of cereal box and duct tape sandals out of it. Sunday was a Hats and Heels luncheon with the girls. So much fun to dress up and go out. The kids were dead asleep in the car by the time we headed home to Tucson.

I've a ton of costumes to sew for a certain Atlanta convention. Several cloaks to conspire on finishing with the BFF for Estrella. A new wooby coat, and a new fighting coat for myself, and new SCA clothes for the kids. There is also my knitting to finish up. I've got a pair of coifs on the needles for the girls, Mason wants a Totoro hat, and there are also my Beowulf socks to finish. I did finish my long in work Invisibility shawl. It just needs blocking.

The new kitty is relaxing and doing so much better. Gheeka is gonna be an amazing cat.

Life proceeds apace.
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?

I was born in the year of the Ox, specifically the year of the Water Ox. I like this. Why Ari? You saying you like being a water buffalo?
well... yes. Because of what it means. It is a fortunate year.

Water oxenCollapse )
Never be afraid of work, or to stick with your decisions. Especially the hard ones.

Today's funny quote

Johnny: "I like to watch you talk."
June: "I'm talking up here."

- Johnny Cash and June Carter "Live at Folsom"


oh raventhourne

here is the link to tactical corsets. We chatted bout them Friday night.


Happy new year to all.
2012 is not the end of the world. What it is... is the BEGINNING of the next great cycle. 5125 years to do and achieve more than we can even begin to fathom.

Now is when you choose to live, choose to take this new time and make the best life you can. Begin at the first breath, cry to you know you are alive, and celebrate all you do have.

My new kid

Friday I rescued a 7 month old flame point Siamese with beautiful sapphire blue eyes. She had been kept in a 5x5 closet with her mother and only other surviving sibling. The reasons for their confinement are still vague to me but seem to have something to do with the Mother of the gal I got her from wanting to keep them papers pure for breeding I suppose. Regardless, I now have the more calm of the 2 kittens and hope that she becomes a decent companion for Aramis. She is supposed to have all her shots, but I set her up with a vet appointment for the 7th on my way home. We ended up naming her Gheeka (yes after Mama Gheeka in Girl Genius)because "Cutie" or "Peaches" were just not happening for me. I hope that she follows trend and will live to her name.

Gheeka is proving to be a wildly timid creature. She will hiss when you pick her up but do nothing else, and will stay in your lap till you move her. When she does move from one place to another she will nearly slither on her belly she keeps so low to the ground. Occasionally I will set her in the middle of the open floor and walk away to see what she does. This morning we found her hiding in the kids bathtub after going to sleep in the corner of their bathroom on a towel. I'm not sure she has eaten or drunk since we got her home, but she has food and water aplenty. Will have to keep an eye on her. This is what happens when you keep an animal locked in a cage or, in her case, a closet for their whole life.

Isolation is abuse. DON'T ABUSE YOUR PETS.

I'm working hard to show her there is a whole house for her now. I just hope that 7 months old is not too late to start. She got a bath this afternoon to wash away the dirt, and is even prettier. Against expectation she did not even struggle while being bathed and only grumbled while being towel dried. She's now sleeping in my lap wrapped in a towel. Hard not to love her. I know she will be a great cat, and the kids already adore her.


Best nerdy gift EVER!!!

My uncle is awesome in so many ways. Primarily because he totally groks how quirky and nerdy I really am. My christmas present arrived today. Of course I'm impatient and just had to open it early.

I got a towel

My new Towel

Now this is not just any towel, oh no. The careful observer will notice that this is a Marks and Spencer towel. OMG SQUEE!!!!!!! I am prepared for the rest of my life with this.

and this is the note that came with it

Thus cementing that this is a genuine Marks and Spencer towel from the proper shop on Oxford street.

It is a rather nice towel.

I'll miss my shadow

Goodnight my Gypsy. 16 years is a good life for a kitten. I'll miss my shadow.
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